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Aker Meal Replacement
3 x AFL Premiership Player Brownlow Medalist
Jason Akermanis

As a professional athlete, I prioritised a healthy diet as an integral component of my overall training regime to ensure I had the energy and stamina to compete at the elite levels required as a member of a premiership winning team. As an advocate of the low carb lifestyle for over twenty years, I wish I’d had the benefit of the HLTH Code meal replacement program as part of my dietary plan.

Hlth Code shakes have exceeded my expectations in their capacity to provide me ongoing energy throughout the day. My morning shake sustains me for hours whilst helping me to stay trim and healthy and support my active lifestyle and that is why I highly recommend HLTH Code.

Your health is our passion. And our commitment.

You need vibrant health and sustained energy to live your life to the fullest. This nutritionally complete (and completely delicious!) shake is based on the latest nutritional and metabolic science and is guaranteed to help you feel your healthiest! Plus, it’s more convenient and affordable than virtually any meal you could make or buy.​

It’s a real thing.

You’re likely eating enough calories, but they may not be the right types of calories to provide essential nutrition. That’s called mis-nourishment and it’s ruining your health. With HLTH Code Complete Meal, you’ll get an optimized, science-backed blend of protein, collagen, healthy fats, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, fiber, and vitamins and minerals without any added sugar, extra carbs or anything artificial.

Keto shakes in Australia

and recipes

Keto diets in Australia couldn't be easier with HLTH Code meal replacement which is not only a delicious shake just add water but can also be used in so many great tasting recipes. By replacing one meal a day with HLTH Code, you can get great nutrition without all the prep work. HLTH Code is made in the USA and sold here in Australia and that quality means a better shot at achieving your goals.

Mexican chocolate smoothie bowl
Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.
GMO Free Meal Replacement
GMO free meal replacement


Gluten Free Meal Replacement
Gluten free meal replacement

Gluten Free

Soy Free Meal Replacement
Soy free meal replacement

No Soy

Low sugar meal replacement
Low sugar meal replacement

No Added Sugars

Artificial Sweeter Free Meal Replacement

No Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Free Meal Replacement

No Artificial Ingredients


Past generations knew that healthy fats are among the most nutrient-dense substances available. Plus, they help you feel naturally satisfied, curb cravings for sweets, help train your body to burn excess fat and more. That’s why we’ve put 27 grams of super-healthy dietary fats in each serving.

Not rocket science,
but close.

Stop the confusion of what to eat (or not eat). Formulated by a metabolic scientist and backed by nutritionists, HLTH Code Complete Meal is based on the latest research specifically to help you get as healthy as possible.

Benjamin Bikman, Ph.D.
Experts agree, we're the

Best Meal Replacement Shake Available

Healthiest meal replacement

Healthiest you

Your best health starts with the right blend of nutrition. Nutrition that can make a big difference including: enjoying more energy, feeling more vibrant, a stronger immune system, a clearer mind, improved gut health, better skin, hair and nails, and so much more.

Better health. Guaranteed.
Better health. Guaranteed.
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Start by replacing one meal per day with delicious Complete Meal, and you will feel and see real results or your money back. It’s that simple.

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